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    We provide quality comprehensive tree services for Concord and Southern New Hampshire. Experienced climbers, bucket trucks, fully insured tree company, no job too big or too small. Call us today for a free quote on any of the following services: 

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    Any tree-related concern in your yard or property is a concern of ours. New England is well known for its beautiful landscape, and Concord stands as one of the most visually stunning cities in New Hampshire. Concord Tree Service Pros has long taken great pride in helping the business owners, property managers, and homeowners throughout Concord to ensure that their yards are safe and gorgeous.

    Our tree service in Concord NH provides an extensive range of tree services, all conducted by the best tree guys in the business. Reach out to our helpful staff for information, quick answers to your questions, and to schedule free estimates. ​

    Concord New Hampshire Tree Services

    Concord has a spectacular array of oaks, maples, and white pines. A collection of them makes for a striking mix of trees, and the city takes great care to maintain a healthy diversity and adequate spread to provide shade, heat relief, and fresh air. What we do is to help you maintain your part in keeping the city not only good looking but feeling fresh and safe.

    As a top tree service in Concord, we understand the significant risk that leaning, sick, or dangerous trees can have on a home, neighborhood, and the community as a whole. Hire our experienced and knowledgeable New England tree service company. We provide services to address any tree, bush, or hedge concern. ​

    Why Choose Our Tree Company

    Our Concord Tree Service was established many years ago, and since then, we’ve provided many tree services throughout the area. We’re based in Concord and are excited to continue to devote ourselves to this community by providing a safe environment for everyone.

    Our team of tree service professionals, or arborists, are certified, well-trained, and highly knowledgeable. We celebrate our team’s great accomplishments in handling jobs safely and with concern for the immediate environment and the end result of the property. Concord Tree Service Pros equips their teams with the best equipment available for the industry. Our equipment stock includes the right vehicle or tool for jobs small, large, and massive. With bucket trucks, climbing rigs, top of the line saws, and more we always have the right tools. Using the right tools, the right staff, and a unique plan for every job, we are confident in taking on projects big or small.

    Concord Tree Service Pros knows trees. We know how to plan and manage tree removal, pruning, maintenance, and emergency response. Our team contains the best climbers in New Hampshire, and with expertise in arboriculture, there’s no tree service we can’t handle!

    The most important aspect of Concord Tree Service, however, isn’t our ability, skill, or commitment to our community. Safety is, and will always remain our top priority. An arborist is a high-risk job. There are fall risks and the risk of serious injury with the tools used in everyday work. But, that’s not the only concern, there is also the safety of everyone in the immediate area and the safety of the building near the trees we’re servicing — we lookout for the safety of everyone when we take on a job. ​

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    When To Call For Tree Service

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    ​Hiring a local business provides some insurance that you’ll have someone who cares about the community and contributes to it regularly. That is exactly what you’ll find with Concord Tree Service Pros. We don’t see a project or job as a simple tree pruning or removal. We see every service we offer as a way to help the home and business owners in Concord by providing better cultivation and management of trees, bushes, and hedges.

    Contact Concord Tree Service Pros for every tree need. Our team of diligent professionals will work with you and provide a free and honest evaluation, as well as a quote.

    Caring for Trees on your Property

    Do you know when to schedule tree maintenance? Most homeowners assume that trees will forever take care of themselves as long as they have water and sunlight. That’s not exactly true, though. Trees can fall ill, become infested, hollowed out, or not grow correctly.

    Leaning Trees

    Take a good look at your tree, is it leaning? If you’re not sure, then it’s probably not a major concern if it’s off by a few degrees. However, trees that are clearly leaning are a major safety hazard.

    A leaning tree can fall at nearly any time, lose branches, become uprooted, or even split in half because of the weight distribution. It’s vital that you pay attention to the angle your tree leans at and call for professional tree removal in Concord. It’s important that you do this quickly as maples, one of the more common families of trees in Concord have a high fall rate.

    Sick Trees

    Trees get sick, but often they don’t recover. A diseased tree often won’t be detected until it’s been sick for so long that it can’t be saved. Illnesses in trees take hold slowly and can start with very commonplace pests that homeowners would never have concern over, such as ants, weevils, aphids, and more.

    When trees are sick, they become weak. It may be because of a pest infestation or the disease itself, but as they become weak, they become a public health hazard. Look out for signs of tree disease such as dull leaves or foliage, white spots, leaf spots, thinning leaves or branches, and holes in the bark. A professional can quickly identify the extent of the disease or infestation as part of an in-home inspection.

    Trees that Pose a Danger

    Trees can die, and often the people in the community don’t realize until larger pests have begun to burrow into them, or they’ve started to lose branches. It is crucial that dead trees be removed immediately as they can fall with any added weight or disruption to their balance.

    If you’re a property or homeowner, then removing these trees can also eliminate a serious legal threat. Dead trees are a huge liability to property owners, and not taking action can put you at risk for personal injury lawsuits should that tree harm someone.

    Out of Place of Visually Impairing Trees

    Not every tree needs to be sick to be taken down. Many trees that are removed simply don’t fit or cause problems with their placement. As Concord grows, many healthy trees move from one location to another because the city or business needed that space. There are also instances when trees are just annoying. That tree that blocks your view to back out of your driveway safely or the tree that blocks the window to see into your backyard are both reasonable situations to remove a tree on your property.

    If you have an ill tree or one dangerous leaning, then you need to call our Concord Tree Service. Our pros will work quickly to correct the danger in your yard, call our office now. ​

    Why Tree Care Is So Important

    Having a tree look and feel good can extend the life of the tree, keep your yard safer, and change the way you look at your home as a whole. With regular pruning and inspections, you can identify and combat disease or pest infestation right away. You can also be aware of pest infestations around your home that might impact your home.


    Shaping is a big deal for leaning trees and young trees. Often trees lean because they are heavier on one side than the other. Initially, it’s not a major concern, but over the years, that weight takes its toll, and it literally drags it down toward the ground. Tree cutting in Concord, through mild shaping, can have a massive impact on the overall health of the tree.

    Young trees need shaping to ensure that they grow in a good direction and can become strong and healthy trees. Trees that are already beginning to lean may be able to correct that problem with proper shaping. This is not something that people can do on their own. Shaping requires a substantial amount of effort, planning, and having the right tools. Additionally, different trees respond better to different shapes, and those may change at different life stages. Trimming trees is not the same as shaping, call in the professionals.


    Pruning, the foundation of tree maintenance, can help keep your tree’s branches away from power or telephone lines and your home. While it will also keep them in a nice looking shape rather than allowing them to grow wild and possibly start to lean. Pruning, maintenance, and regular inspections are the best way to cultivate healthy tree growth. Tree pruning in concern should be done by the best, call Concord Tree Service.

    With pruning, you can also improve airflow, which can prevent fall hazards. With proper airflow, a tree can withstand high winds and changes in air patterns, which might disrupt it. It also allows for more space to get through the crown and bring fresher air around your home. ​

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