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Getting a stump properly ground down takes a lot of practice and technique. Many companies will only grind a tree stump to ground level, leaving a large pile of wood chips and a dead spot in your yard. We will take the time to properly grind away the old tree stump to much lower than the ground level. This will give you the opportunity to put soil over and plant grass or plants over. Call us today for a free quote if you need stumps taken care of the right way on your yard. Best service, competitive pricing, top-notch equipment are all solid reasons you should call our New Hampshire Tree company today for expert stump grinding and removal services.

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    Services for Stump Removal

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    ​Throughout Concord, you may have noticed low cut stumps that seem to fit in seamlessly with the environment. The goal of a non-disruptive and safe stump is something we work with every day. Concord Tree Service Pros provides full tree removal, and often part of that is stump grinding. We also work on existing stumps if you have the remnant of a tree in your yard.

    Should I Grind or Remove My Stump?

    This question stands out because it’s clearly a concern for safety, which is our top priority. Concord Tree Service Pros recommends considering stump grinding first because it’s less intensive and disruptive to the ground. After removing a stump and most of the root network, the ground in your yard could be extremely dangerous. Anyone who happens to walk through your yard could fall through and injure themselves.

    Stump removal is an option that many homeowners consider because it eliminates the tree entirely. It also is not always visually preferred to have a stump sitting in your yard.

    How Does Stump Grinding Work?

    Stump grinding is a process that people choose to take on because they don’t want the stump to rot and bring in destructive pests such as termites shortly. Our team starts the process with a special machine that shreds the stump down into woodchips. There are still roots left behind but far beneath the ground level. The chips are often used for mulch or in other ways after the stump removal.

    Full stump grinding eliminates trip hazards in your yard, and the risk that you’ll have termites or carpenter ants infest your yard.

    Call the Pros

    Grinding that stump seems like too much work? It really is, and not only is stump grinding difficult, but it’s a serious safety issue. When you have a hazardous tree or stump in your yard, then you need to have a professional come out and bring your yard up to code. Concord is very forgiving when it comes to homeowners’ personal taste and choices, but safety hazards warrant a bit of work. Call Concord Tree Service Pros to get a free quote on what it will take to make your stump safe.

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