Tree Service Pembroke NH

One of the services we offer as professional tree experts is our stump grinding and removal services. You may have always wondered how people get rid of old tree stumps. Well the quickest and most efficient way is to get that stump ground down to sawdust with a state of the art stump grinder. Another way is to have the whole thing pulled up by the roots using cranes and chemicals. Both of these are options with our tree stump removal service in Pembroke, NH. Besides that, we also take care of trimming and pruning for trees, bushes, and hedges, as well as tree cutting and removal.

tree removal Pembroke

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    Tree Removal Pembroke NH

    ​About Pembroke

    Pembroke is one of the larger towns in Merrimack County, New Hampshire, with a population of about 7,000. The town was named after Henry Herbert in 1759 who was the Earl of Pembroke in Wales. The rivers Merrimack, Soucook, and Suncook flow by Pembroke. It has been the home of several notable people, including defender of the Alamo; Robert E. Cochran, Congressman and Civil War officer Byron M. Cutcheon, Stockton Thunder ice hockey goaltender Brian Foster, and writer for soap operas “All My Children,” “Guiding Light,” and “One Life To Live” Megan McTavish.

    If you find yourself in need of tree service in Pembroke, then just give us a call and we’ll be there to help!